New special colors for Lamy coming soon

Let’s not forget that besides the Lamy Al-Star and Lamy Safari, there are more models that are to be fit with exciting special colors.

We have displayed the new colors below. We hope you wil like them.
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Joy Calligraphy pen in white shiny plastic
These white Joy pens are always searched for and usually are available for a very short time only.

As a single pen with 1.5 nib

Or as set with nibs 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9 and 3 packs of ink

Logo M+ Laser Orange
The Lamy Logo is a very convenient pen and usually flies under the radar with the color choice. Not this time. In neon orange plastic with metal parts. We have seen the pen live and it is much more neon like than the picture shows.

Nexx Violet
Nexx has come in various color options over the years and the Violet is a nice addition.

Pico Neon Yellow
If you’re going to bring back the Pico LaserOrange in the standard collection, then why not add some extra color in the form of Neon Yellow 🙂

Pico Laser Orange will become part of the standard range

Tipo AL Turmaline
Lamy’s Tipo aluminium is a rollerball, disguised as a ballpoint. Excellent writing comfort in a affordable pen in a happy color.

All of these are available for pre order and available as long as supply lasts.

*images are not on scale

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