Conid Monarch Minimalistica NEW

When, all the way back in September of 2016, we launched the Conid Monarch Kingsize fountain pen, we were absolutely sure we liked it, but it was still unknown how the pen community would receive it. We’re very happy to how well the big orange bulkfiller is viewed in the market today and how people keep finding, buying and enjoying the pen.

With Conid being very much liked for the filling system and the demonstrator pens showing off the filling mechanism and ink, it is now time to introduce a smaller sibling.

The sibling is the Conid Monarch Minimalistica.

The Monarch Minimalistica has great things in common with the Kingsize, the unique filling mechanism, large inkcapacity, Conid quality and is also a numbered edition.

Plus, it is a smaller size, lower price, demonstrator cap and barrel and of course orange ebonite ends.

What’s not to like.

The Conid Monarch Minimalistica fountain pen is available from today with nib in either steel or gold.
We’ll have pens in stock at launch and will do our very best to always have some options in stock and even when your preferred nib is not here, it can still be ordered and we’ll get it to you as soon as we can.

And just in case you are wondering, the small hole in the cap, it’s supposed to be there, it ensures the capping and uncapped goes smoothly. The same for the small hole in the ebonite end in the barrel, it is supposed to be there.

Watch our view of the Conid Monarch Minimalistica.

More information on the pen and to order, in our shop.

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