Kaweco Special Edition Sunrise and Sunset

With summer approaching and the wonderful weather we already had in this past week, today is a great day to introduce to the world, the Kaweco Sport Sunrise and Sunset fountain pens.

The pen is made in the Skyline and Classic series, with the plastic in a warm yellow and the trim in either silver (Sunrise) or gold (Sunset).

These are available exclusively through Fontoplumo and are a special edition. What in this case means that this is a single production run and no more will be made.

We’ll bring these with us to the Nurnberg penshow this weekend, so anyone attending the show will have the opportunity to see them and take one home. Due to the Nurnberg penshow this coming weekend, we will start shipping again next Monday.

For more information, or to order, visit our shop.


  1. My beloved wife asks if they are available in a pink color with rose gold plated nib.

    • Dear Ruurd, The pens are available in Pink (called Kaweco Skyline Pink) witha steel color nib.

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