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Lamy Safari Original Savannah Green and Terra Red 2021

Posted on 8-1-2021 by Frank
It was in 1980 that Lamy launched the Safari, a pen that has become an icon in the years since its launch. Loved by people who simply want a good quality pen for a good price and with a proven quality and loved by collectors.

Now, in 2021, Lamy is bringing back these first two colors as a special edition.

The Lamy Safari Savannah Green and the Lamy Safari Terracotta!

The originals are real collectors objects and for the collectors these pens will deviate enough to honor the original.

With this release, more people can enjoy these beautiful colors.

The pens are available as a fountain pen with a Fine or Medium nib, a ballpoint pen and a rollerball pen.

An Ink X ink eraser is also available.

Don't hesitate and buy this pen as your first Lamy or as a very nice addition to your collection.

Lamy Safari Original Savannah Green

Lamy Safari Original Savannah Green special edition

Lamy Safari Original Terra Red

Lamy Safari Original Terra Red special edition 2021

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