Kaweco Sport Yellow Cab or Soap Green
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Kaweco Sport Yellow Cab or Soap Green

Posted on 12-6-2013 by Frank
Enjoy summer in style.  After more than 16 years, these pens have found their way back in the summer sun. The pens have been in the Kaweco warehouse for all this time, never used and therefore, despite the age, entirely new (NOS-New Old Stock). All ink refills have been replaced so you can start writing right away. There is a limited amount available. The pens come in these colors.

Kaweco Sport Yellow Vab Kaweco Sport Soap Green

Both colors are available as fountain pen (M nib) at EUR 16,95, rollerball at EUR 14,95 and ballpoint pen at EUR 14,95. (July 2013 – fountain pens are sold out).
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