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Leonrdo Momento Magico for Fontoplumo 10th anniversary

Leonrdo Momento Magico for Fontoplumo 10th anniversary
Posted on 17-3-2022 by Frank
The year 2022 is a year of many things and one of which is our 10th Anniversary. It feels only little time ago that we decided start a new hobby project and registered Fontoplumo at the Chambers of Commerce.
The hobby project grew out to something much larger and I am very happy to be able and do this successfully.

As a celebration, there will be some fun projects throughout the year and the first is a very special one. With a manufacturer we admire a lot and have been working with for about four years now.

Leonardo was so kind to make a limited edition in two beautiful celluloids in the Momento Magico model. These pens feature an ink window, piston filling system and special 14k gold nibs engraved with our F logo.

There are made
10 pieces in red scarlet celluloid, we call Vino Rosso and
10 pieces made in green saft, we call Oliva.

Two names related to taste, the taste of life. This naming is to be continued later in 2022.

Our Vino Rosso and Oliva pens are limited to just 10 pieces and come in a box with exclusive carboard sleeve.
There is no pre order and no reservation for these, get one while you can.
Should you like one of each, we will try to get matching numbers if you like and as long as that is possible.

A short video with highlights

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