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Kaweco Brass Sport fountain pen

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Kaweco Sport Brass fountain pen, steel nib  

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Kaweco Sport Brass is made out of brass. The brass will age over time will get scratcehd and develop a patina. This will make each pen even more unique.

Closed the pen measures 10,5 cm open it measures 13,5 cm. The Kaweco Sport is used with ink cartridges or a converter so you can also fill your pen from a bottle and can be supplied with these nib sizes EF, F, M, B and BB, can be supplied with or without clip. Clip available separately.
The Brass Sport is supplied in a Kaweco tin pen case. 

Length capped109mm
Length posted133mm
Year of introduction2015


By (Porto, Portugal) on26 Apr. 2017 (Kaweco Brass Sport fountain pen) :

Great service - Quick delivery

I have been using the pen for a week.
Omg that thing is a beauty, and so smooth (F nib) :)
I've been pocketing it as EDC, and after a week it already got some nice patina.

Love it!

By (Oxford, United Kingdom) on06 Jan. 2017 (Kaweco Brass Sport fountain pen) :

Excellent Service and unique pen

Once again Frank has given excellent service, keeping me updated with a personal touch. It arrived on time and in perfect condition. The pen is unique. Great writing quality. I was surprised by how heavy it is, but it is weighted and balanced well. Once you adjust to the feel it is pleasure. The brass is also a special material...it will evolve with use and gene the smell gives this pen a solid craftsman durability and feel of presence! Thanks for a great product and superb customer care!

By (Bangkok, Thailand) on20 June 2016 (Kaweco Brass Sport fountain pen) :

Good service

It was my second pen ordered from Frank. Your service is reliable with reasonable price. I would love to order some more.

By (Dumfries, United Kingdom) on20 Nov. 2015 (Kaweco Brass Sport fountain pen) :

Living pen.

While en extravagant purchase if compared with the Classic Sport, this was too good to resist and I'm glad I got it, they're not comparable, oven if the nib is the same. Absolutely fantastic pen to write with, the weight makes it very special, quite unlike anything else I have. It has become my favourite every day pen.

The whole surface of the pen changes very quickly as you start to use it and again if you put if down for a few days; constantly evolving. Yes, I could polish it but that would be like pressing reset on the character it has as the patina develops constantly.

The best made and best feeling in the hand of the Sport materials I have tried (all of them). I particularly like the plastic liner in the cap that gives it a close and cushioned fit on the barrel as you cap or post it, a step up from the band inside the Al Sport cap.

This is so good I'm going to order another.

It goes without saying that Fontoplumo got it to me in perfect condition. Excellent and personal service makes it a pleasure every time.


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