Kaweco Sport Chocolate Fontoplumo Exclusive
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Kaweco Sport Chocolate Fontoplumo Exclusive

Kaweco Sport Chocolate Fontoplumo Exclusive
Posted on 11-5-2022 by Frank
The year 2022 is a year of many events and one of which is our 10th Anniversary. It feels only a little time ago that we decided start a new hobby project and registered Fontoplumo at the Chambers of Commerce.
Fontoplumo grew over the years and we’re always looking for new challenges. I am very happy to be able and do this successfully.

For the duration of our anniversary year we have prepared a few surprises. This second one is a pen loved by many around the world and made by Kaweco.

As the first pens, this is also dedicated to Taste of life and what can be more tasty and loved than chocolate. And honestly, we just like chocolate.

There will be 2 versions, one with a gold color trim and the other with a silver color trim. Both are available with nibs Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Double Broad (as long as stock lasts).

Every pen is decorated with the Kaweco Sport logo on one side of the cap and the Fontoplumo name on the other, as per Kaweco’s guidelines. Furthermore, you will see the metal Kaweco logo in the circle on the top of the cap and branded steel nibs in either gold or silver color.

The Kaweco chocolate fountain pen is a wonderful little companion on the road or through life, for your notetaking.

I think our first full special edition with Kaweco, the Sunrise and Sunset is one of the most sought after Kaweco pens now, because of the wonderful yellow color. We hope you will love the new one, Chocolate, as much as we do.

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