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Colorverse Opportunity & Spirit in a 65ml + 15ml bottle and is part of The Red Planet ink series, Season 5.

When buying this you receive 2 bottles of ink, one bottle of 65ml and a the smaller bottle of 15ml

Opportunity resembles color RGB 118 74 166, Web #764AA6, Pantone 2592 U

Valles Marineris resembles color RGB 0 156 124, Web #009C7C, Pantone Green U

€26.45 Price
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Kaweco converter for fountain pen with screw in threads, available in the following colors:

  • black with chrome trim
  • black with gold color trim
  • royal blue
  • summer purple
  • caramel brown
  • sunrise orange
  • smokey grey

This converter can't be used with the Kaweco Sport fountain pen. For a converter to use with the Kaweco Sport see the squeeze or mini piston converter

€4.96 Price
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